We love cleaning so you don’t have to!

I own Revival Cleaning Service company and I have 17 years of experience in home cleaning services for residential properties in Central and South New Jersey.

We create clean homes, but that’s not what we sell. We sell peace of mind and time – all the tools you need to claim your time-off. You can schedule your free estimate with us today!!!

-Regina Tavares

Got a Mess – Don’t Stress – Leave it to the best!

We started Revival Cleaning Services to offer top-notch local cleaning services in New Jersey to help homeowners and business makers in the area take some stress out of their lives and enjoy the free time they have. With so many years of experience our cleaning services are second to none!

We Operate Under Well-Conceived Plans

To make a company a huge success, one has to proceed with well-conceived plans. Cleaning companies are no different. They might don’t need a complex business plan to function, but a little planning never hurts. Considering our resources, budgets, products and team members, we make plans before heading towards new cleaning projects. This always helps us to execute the cleaning tasks that meet the client’s expectations.

We Believe in Strong and Positive Leadership

To make sure our cleaning team stays motivated and inspired, we provide them with strong and positive leaders. Our leaderships held the team together. While working under such leadership, our cleaners put the best foot forward. The confident and responsible leadership not only keeps the team focused, but it also takes responsibility if anything goes wrong at the worksite.

Excellent Customer Service

We pay attention to our valuable customer’s concerns and handle their concerns fairly. Our customers are our priority and we try to understand their cleaning problems so that we could anticipate and fulfill their needs. The customer reviews posted on our Google My Business page and Facebook testify that our customers feel appreciated and cared for that’s why they stick with us and continue to avail our services.

We Offer an Efficient Work Environment

To promote a healthy environment for work, we hire workers suited to the jobs they do. In addition to that, we establish policies that are proving to be motivating for the workers. We have committed resources and courses to train our employees, as well as independent contractors with whom we collaborate for work. We provide continual training to the cleaning staff to make them perfect for the cleaning job.

We Appreciate Assessment and Feedback

We implemented frequent assessment to make sure that our cleaning staff is working efficiently and meeting the deadlines. While reviewing the assessment, if we find any weak area, we immediately address it and cover it with the necessary training or whatever is needed.

We encourage our customers to give us detailed feedback so that we could deliver even more professional work than before. To collect this feedback, we try to approach the customer’s directly through email or provide them a questionnaire to fill.