Office Cleaning

Are you having problems with your current cleaning company? Have standards dropped? Are you fed up with paying for a service and not having it delivered in a professional manner? Perhaps you have just acquired a new office block and need a quote.

Whatever the reason Revival Cleaning Services will be pleased to provide a professional Office cleaning service to your Business.

As you know, a clean working environment helps to reduce stress and increase productivity and also presents a professional Business image to visitors that arrive at your premises for the first time, VIPs, investors, important clients.

A sanitized working environment can also reduce sickness rates of employees, this is due to less chance of bacteria and germs having time to multiply and spread.

Revival Cleaning Services guarantees to leave your office spotless. We have quality systems in place that ensure the Office is left in a clean, sanitized condition.

Trained Professionals

All of our trained cleaning operatives are supervised and their work is double checked by the Cleaning supervisor. A quality feedback form is used to track cleaning quality and maintain Standards. The form details individual job tasks and the client can tick the appropriate boxes giving an overall score and task specific information. The quality forms are studied on a weekly basis, the information is then passed to the supervising cleaner to action.

Understanding Business Needs

Commercial sites and offices are open to the public. They are visited by hundreds of people every day. This leads to the greater exposure to dirt and dust. That’s why it is commonly observed that commercial sites get dirtier as compared to domestic places.

Smart Cleaning Techniques

You can’t use the same cleaning techniques to clean every place. Every place requires different care. For instance, a floor undergoes different kinds of treatments like buffing, stripping etc. If your floor has undergone any such treatment, it needs special care. If you are not willing to treat it differently, you will soon end up ruining the floor.

Hence, you are recommended to avail yourself office cleaning services by Revival Cleaning to brighten up your commercial place and office.